Roberti Palace:
painting by Aniello d'Arminio F. (1783)
12th ICAMDATA Poster Session - Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 afternoon - Roberti Palace

Poster presenters are kindly invited to follow the guidelines for contributors

Posters presented by Student participants (★) are candidates for the Best Poster Award

P1 Karen Olsen
NIST Physical Reference Databases
P15 (★)
Shikha Rathi
Relativistic Calculations of Energies, Transition Parameters, Hyperfine Structures, Lande gJ factors and Isotope Shifts for Na-like Ar7+, Kr25+ and Xe43+ Ions
Natalia Tańska
Interactions of low-energy electrons with methyl formate (HCOOCH3)
P2 Annarita Laricchiuta
Phys4Entry Database & EquilTheta tools at ISTP CNR Bari
Dhia Elhak Salhi
Radiative transition properties for In XLVIII using the Ab initio MCDHF-RCI method
José Rachid Mohallem
Nonadiabatic corrections for high resolution linelists of primordial molecules
P3 Stephan Fritzsche
A community platform for just atomic computations
P17 (★)
Soumaya Manai
Accurate and complete atomic data set for helium-like Zr using the Multiconfiguration Dirac Hartree Fock calculations for the singly excited states
Amal Allouch
DFT simulations for predicting tungsten potential energy surface for W-Wn and W+-Wn pair interaction
P4 Jean-Christophe Pain
Checking the reliability of opacity databases
Stefan Schippers
K-shell photodetachment of carbon, oxygen and silicon anions
Marcin Buchowiecki
Collision integrals of interacting atoms and ions - approximations and best practices
P5 Jerome Deprince
Atomic opacity computations for actinides in the context of kilonova emission from neutron star mergers
P19 (★)
Leonard Isberner
First Dielectronic Recombination Measurements with Low-Charged Heavy Ions at the Cryogenic Storage Ring
Timur Labutin
Calibration free analysis by stochastic optimization of synthetic and experimental spectra of laser-induced plasma
P6 (★) Sébastien Gamrath
Radiative Data in Oxygen and Nitrogen Atoms for Solar Photospheric Studies
Shuxing Wang
Dielectronic recombination for Na-like Kr25+ from the CSRm to the CSRe
P34 (★)
Aleksandr Zakuskin
Laser-induced fluorescence probing for studying Ca/CaO distribution in laser-induced plasma
P7 (★) Sébastien Gamrath
New set of calculated oscillator strengths of intermediately ionized bromium, caesium and silver for the spectral analysis of hot white dwarfs
Mokhtar Inal
Multipole components of the rate coefficients for excitation of Fe XIII by impact with isotropic electrons
P35 (★)
Joseph John Simons
Quantitative analysis of Doppler-free spectra via the Collisional-Radiative model
P8 (★) Helena Carvajal Gallego
Large-scale calculations of radiative parameters and opacities in La V - X and Ce V - X ions for application to early phase kilonova emission from neutron star mergers
Liam Scarlett
Convergent close-coupling calculations of electrons scattering on HeH+
R0 (★)
Xingbang Liu
Numerical simulation of the effect of photoprocesses on laser-produced plasma
P9 (★) Helena Carvajal Gallego
Atomic data and opacity calculations for Pr, Nd and Pm V - X ions based on a multi-platform modelling for the spectral analysis of kilonovae
Liam Scarlett
Electron-impact rotational excitation of molecular hydrogen
R1 (★)
Nikolai Sushkov
Studies of laser-induced plasmas of different organic matrices
P10 (★) Sema Caliskan
Atomic structure and processes of gold - a case study of the theoretical challenges of neutron-capture elements in the era of kilonovae
Nicolina Pop
Reactive collisions between electrons and H2+, BeH+, ArH+ and N2+: extensive calculations of cross sections and rate coefficients
Chenzhong Dong
Theoretical study of electron-impact excitation and dielectronic recombination for helium-like isoelectronic sequence
P11 Ali Meftah
Present status of the investigation on the spectra of moderately charged thulium ions
Grzegorz Karwasz
Electron scattering on molecular nitrogen: common gas, uncommon cross sections
Luyou Xie
Theoretical study on Dielectronic recombination process and X-ray line polarization of B-like Ar ion
P12 Florence Concepcion
New accurate laboratory atomic data for iron-group elements for applications in astrophysics
P26 (★)
Sapna Mahla
Electron Collision Study of Isoprene-C5H8 and its Isomers: Relevant to Aerosol formation
Shuxing Wang
Dielectronic recombination rate coefficients of C-like Kr30+
P13 (★) Milan Ding
Measurement of the hyperfine structure of atomic energy levels of Co II
P27 (★)
Himani Tomer
Electron impact ionization of sulfur clusters, Sn (n= 2-8)
Laura Laguardia
Decomposition studies of ammonia in GyM linear device
P14 Patrick Palmeri
Calculations of atomic transition probabilities in Hf VI using a multiplatform approach
P28 (★)
Irabati Chakraborty
Electron impact ionization cross section of few prebiotic interstellar molecules
Daan Boer
LXCat TNG — A Status Report and Sneak Preview