the Maddalena Church:
located in the XX Settembre Square, in this church the statue of Maria SS. Addolorata, the patron saint of Mola.
Databases @ ICAMDATA

ExoMol - high temperature molecular line lists for modelling exoplanet atmospheres

HITRAN - HIgh-resolution TRANsmission molecular absorption database

IAEA - Atomic and Molecular Data Unit
LISA Lisbon Atomic Database

LxCat Database - Plasma Data Exchange Project

MCCC database - Molecular Convergent Close-Coupling
e-molecule scattering cross sections

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology

Quantemol DB -
and QEC (Quantemol Electron Collisions) code

Phys4Entry database - Planetary Entry Integrated Models

VAMDC - Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre