Roberti Palace:
painting by Aniello d'Arminio F. (1783)
12th ICAMDATA Best Poster Award

During the Conference a prize (250 CHF), sponsored by the MDPI Journal Entropy, will be awarded to the best poster.

Jury of the Best Poster Award:

Dr Gianpiero Colonna (President)
CNR ISTP Bari (Italy) and Editorial Board Member of Entropy

Prof Jimena Gorfinkiel
The Open University (UK)

Prof Lydia Tchang-Brillet
Paris-Meudon Observatory and Sorbonne Université
LERMA, Observatoire de Meudon (France)

Award to Shikha Rathi
Relativistic Calculations of Energies, Transition Parameters, Hyperfine Structures,
Lande gJ factors and Isotope Shifts for Na-like Ar7+, Kr25+ and Xe43+ Ions